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DENN FASTNR 08938 CLEAR 3/4" 5M/BX 10BX/CS Dennison Fastener
Clear 3/4", 5m/Box 10Box/Case
DENN FASTNR 08939 CLEAR 2" 5M/BX 10BX/CS Dennison Fastener
Clear 2", 5m/Box 10Box/Case
Price: $10.85 bx
Price: $10.85 bx
DENN FASTNR 08973 CLEAR 1/2" 5M/BX HEAVY DUTY 10BX/CS Dennison Fastener
Clear 1/2" Heavy Duty, 5m/Box 10Box/Case
DENN FASTNR 10343 CLEAR 3/4" PLUS 10M/BX 10BX/CS DFG 7476 Dennison Fastener
Clear 3/4" Plus, 10m/Box 10Box/Case
Price: $11.95 bx
Price: $11.39 bx
DENN FASTNR 10453 WHITE 1" 5M/BX 10BX/CS Dennison Fastener
White 1", 5m/Box 10Box/Case
DENN FASTNR 10696 WHT 3/4" 10M/BX PLUS-DRYCLEAN 10BX/CS DFG 7475 Dennison Fastener
White 3/4", 5m/Box 10Box/Case
Price: $7.89 bx
Price: $11.59 bx
DENN GUN FINE FABRIC 10312 Mark III DFG 7470 Dennison Fine
Fabric Gun Mark III

Makes tagging delicate fabrics...
DENN GUN STANDARD 10651 MARK III Dennison Standard
Gun Mark III

Heavy-duty needle with all steel construction...
Price: $14.89 ea
Price: $27.95 ea
DENN NEEDLE BLACK 08941 4 PKG 841 Dennison Fine
Fabric Needle Black Base 08941, 4/Package
DENN NEEDLE METAL 10070 No 400 4PKG DFG 7478 Dennison Fine
Fabric All Metal Needle 10070, 4/Package
Price: $12.64 pk
Price: $9.89 pk
Duty All Metal Needle 08913, 4/Package
DENN NEEDLE PLAST 08944 4 PKG DFG 7477 Dennison Fine
Fabric Needle White Base 08944, 4/Package
Price: $22.95 pk
Price: $6.89 pk
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